For ease of use this website is divided into the following sections: 

Virtual programming is conducted entirely on Zoom or another virtual platform. These programs can be live or prerecorded. Virtual programs can include items distributed to use at home during the live or prerecorded presentation. 

Hybrid programming has an interactive component. This interactive component can include an activity that is connected to a live or prerecorded video on Zoom or another platform, or can be completed independent of a video at home. 

In-person programming takes place at the library or in a physical location with other patrons. CDC precautions are followed.  

Partnerships are a critical component of library programming. This section includes where to look and how to approach partnerships during a pandemic. 

To develop this toolkit we first conducted a survey. See the results here. 

  • Resources

We scoured articles, videos and interviews for toolkit recommendations. This is the full list. 

Within the Virtual, Hybrid and In-person programming sections you will information on: 

  • Planning 

The benefits and procedures of programming. 

  • Policy 

Policies provide structure and guidelines for library staff and patrons that allow for safe experiences and programming in a library. Depending on the organization, a policy may provide a document that needs approval from the Library Board of Trustees, City Council or other governing bodies. A note that organizations should evaluate if these policy recommendations would be better suited as guidelines, practices, or procedures. 

  • Barriers

Inequities that can prevent library users or staff from accessing programs. 

  • Notable programs

Programming examples suitable for virtual, hybrid or in-person activities.